enhance team building, self overcoming and corporate networking

The Corporate Surfing Series 2020 (CSS 2020) is the first-ever amateur surfing tournament in Europe fully dedicated towards companies, their clients and their employees

About CSS 2020

Team Building, Confidence Boosting and Networking

The Corporate Surf Series 2020 (CSS 2020) is the first-ever amateur surfing tournament in Europe fully dedicated towards companies, their clients and their employees

“An unique opportunity to incorporate team building, self-overcoming and corporate networking in an effective fun way.”

The inaugural edition of the CSS will consist of two events taking place at the notorious Portuguese beaches of Caparica (Almada) and Aveiro.

Participants are registered in teams of two surfers, all amateur, regardless of gender, age and surf expertise level. Like most leading international amateur tournaments, surfers eliminated in the first round will keep on competing in a secondary draw, through which they’ll be able to add extra scoring points for their respective teams.
Entries are open to all type of companies, from small local businesses to large multinational corporations. A company may enrol as many teams as wished and include both their clients and employees.
Both the main and the secondary competition stages will crown its own winning surfer/team and the end sum of both rankings combined will account for the overall final standings.
Besides the competition, the CSS 2020 is a family happening too, providing free surfing experiences for the kids and the uninitiated of any age, as well as surfboard test drives. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to meet some of Portugal’s best surfers in person and get a first-hand account of their incredible experiences from a life chasing waves.
The CSS 2020 is organized and sanctioned by the Portuguese Surfing Federation in co-operation with Grupo Fire!, producers of the National League of Surfing/Liga MEO.

Taking our shared passion for surfing

surfing towards a healthy, though competitive, environment where new acquaintances and fresh business opportunities naturally flow.
about css 2020 portugal

Besides a well-rooted tradition within the Portuguese surfing scene, the venues for the inaugural Corporate Surf Series were chosen for their geographical versatility to welcome a wide range of climate conditions, providing fun, ripable waves for all skill levels. Both locations also offer a number of other advantages, including accessible amenities, easy road access, proximity to the main urbane centers of their respective regions and, last but not least, large enough areas to hold the event with minimal interference with the local surfing communities.

Surf Venues


Costa da Caparica

One of Portugal’s most traditional surf venues, Costa da Caparica is a wave-rich area, mixing swell consistency with mostly friendly, though performing, waves. The urbanized sea front is intersected by jetties that form nicely shaped sandbars and streams that help the paddle out.
Caparica waves welcome all levels of surfing, from beginner to advanced, and is a reference spot for the Great Lisbon surfing community.


Deeply rooted in northern Portugal surf scene, Aveiro is a versatile wave zone, offering a multiplicity of options according to swell size and wind direction.

Sitting south of Aveiro’s harbour, Praia da Barra is sheltered from the bigger swells and regularly delivers excellent waves, while, just north of the aforementioned port, the vast beachbreak of São Jacinto is a swell magnet that never gets flat.

Costa da Caparica

May 9, 2020


June 20, 2020


Each event will provide a full day of challenging competition, fun experiences and various team building dynamics in a relaxed atmosphere where surfing is the aggregating element.

For each of the venues, the scheduled program, depending on the conditions, should be as follows.




Welcome Coffee and Confidence Boosting


Stage 1 - 08:00h

Round 1 Competition

Stage 2

Surfboard Test Drives


Stage 2

Kids Surf Experience


Buffet Self Service Lunch – start


Stage 1

Round 2 Competition


Lessons from a Pro Surfer


Stage 2

“ Second Chance” Competition

Stage 1

Round 3 Competition


Stage 2

Surfboard Test Drives

Stage 2

Kids Surf Experience


Main Stage

Semi Finals

Main Stage



Award Cerimony

for those who can still stand up…

Sunset Drinks, DJ and Networking



Each venue will host a leading Portuguese surfer who will share his most thrilling experiences, career challenges and side stories, exclusively for participants. Under the banner, Lessons From The Pros, these Talks will be staged within the contest site in a relaxed atmosphere, allowing for a close contact with all participants.

Lessons from the Pros
Costa da Caparica, May 9

Tiago Pires, 39, Ericeira

The biggest name in Portuguese surfing who, after a brilliant career became an inevitable reference of the sport

  • Present day – Performs motivational talks in varied occasions, such as the 2018 Web Summit.
  • 2018 – Through his company, promotes The World's Largest Surfing Class and enters the Guinness Book of Records.
  • 2017 – Starts working with young local talents, as 2014 junior world champion, Vasco Ribeiro, and the Portuguese up-and-coming surf star, Afonso Antunes.
  • 2016 – Launches the documentary “Saca – The Movie by Tiago Pires”, with commercial distribution in national theaters.
  • 2011 – Opens the first surf megastore in Portugal, in Ericeira, which also houses his surf school.
  • 2008 – Qualifies for the elite of the World Championship Tour, becoming a permanent fixture for eight consecutive years.
  • 2000 – Still as a junior, becomes the first Portuguese ever to win an Association of Surfing Professionals contest.
  • 1998 – International Surfing Association Junior World Runner-up

The first Portuguese to have big wave surfing career is a multifaceted character with
a wide range of action.

  • Present day – Performs motivational talks for companies, keeps on managing PGSA and EDP Mar Sem Fim and never misses a big day at Nazaré.
  • 2016 – Finishes 3 rd in the WSL rated Nazaré Challenge final.
  • 2015 – Wins the XXL Portugal Awards for the biggest wave in tow-in.
  • 2014 – Moche Winter Waves wins in the Biggest Wave category.
  • 2013 – Launches the EDP Mar Sem Fim big wave exploration project.
  • 2011 – Coordinates Ericeira's application for World Surfing Reserve. Qualifies for the WSL Big Wave Circuit, becoming a circuit fixture for 7 years.
  • 2009 – Joins Save the Waves Coalition and co-launches the World Surfing Reserves program. Receives a nomination for the Billabong XXL Big Wave Awards in the Biggest Paddle category.
  • 2004 – Publishes the starter manual “Book 7 – How to Be a Surfer” and moves to California, becoming a local fixture at the dreaded Mavericks wave.
  • 2000 – Takes a degree in Economics and starts Praia Grande Surf Academy (PGSA).
  • 1993 – Makes his debut in Hawaii, where, at just 16 years of age, stands out for his attitude in the world’s most dangerous waves.

Lessons from the Pros
Aveiro, June 20

João De Macedo, 42, Sintra